The Only To-do App With Templates!

Templates make InstaTodo special! InstaTodo adds customized Template to sophisticated to-do list to save time and make life easier. Reusable Templates help you easily create task or to-do list knowing that no critical steps have been forgotten.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel each time you pack a suitcase for a business trip, or go to the grocery store to buy supplies for your annual family BBQ.

Available on the iPhone

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 4.2 Tested.
Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

InstaTodo Uses Templates to Make Adding and Completing To-Dos Easier. InstaTodo lets you create checklists, simple to-dos, linked to-dos, and larger projects with multiple items easily. It supports "canceled" tasks without forcing you to delete them, and marking a task complete allows you to use it to build a template from it.

- Alan Henry, Lifehacker

The Todo App to End all Todo Apps. InstaTodo has thought just about everything when it comes to getting yourself organized. If you’re always forgetting important things on recurring tasks in your life, the templates feature could save you loads of trouble.

- Hannah Camacho, AppAdvice

I can see InstaTodo as a feasible alternative for all those not willing to waste time creating and organizing tasks anymore.

- Federico Viticci, MacStories

InstaTodo is different and better than your average task list app – it saves your lists as a template that you can use over and over again!


Thank you for developing a full-featured To-Do list for my iPhone. I need something more than the hobby software that’s out there.

- Al Harberg, President, DP Directory

Nice templates! They make it so easy to create a todo list.

- Roberto de Alba, Spliteye Multimedia

Congratulations on launching InstaTodo. I like being able to share lists with my kids.

- Jim Anziano, Pustorino, Puglisi & Co., LLP.



InstaTodo introduces reusable Templates to help you easily create repetitive and commonly used tasks or to-do lists. Stop throwing away to-do lists after their completion – Save them as Templates to be reused at later time.

  • Create new or modify existing Templates to fit your specific needs
  • Save any Task or to-do list as a Template to be reused at later time
  • Use built-in handy Templates for commonly used tasks

Locations and Map

InstaTodo can instantly show you all available to-do’s based on proximity to where you are located. Use the "By Location" smart list to view distribution of your to-do tasks by location or visualize them all in a single map view.

  • View all map locations and balloons showing open and overdue tasks
  • Nearby Smart List to see all tasks that are near your current location
  • Specify coverage area for each individual Location

Create To-do from your Desktop

Use myPhoneDesktop application to create a to-do lists directly from your Desktop or Web Browser. Click here to learn more...

  • Create Tasks, Checklists and Projects directly from your Desktop
  • Make Checklists with unlimited hierarchy
  • Create Locations based on Google Maps or Bing Maps

Smart Tasks Organization

Break big projects into small and manageable tasks. Use InstaTodo to create single task or complex hierarchical Checklist. Specify priority, date and other tasks’ attributes. Organize your tasks and improve your productivity.

  • Work with single Tasks, complex Checklists or Projects
  • Full hierarchy view. Expand or Collapse any task and its sub-tasks
  • Organize Tasks using Folders, Smart Folders, Locations and Categories

Sharing and Syncing

Collaborate by sharing tasks with family, friends or colleagues. Send a single task or complex hierarchical checklist via e-mail or SMS in a single tap. Sync your tasks with Toodledo. Additional sync services will be available soon!

  • Share tasks and Templates via e-mail, SMS or clipboard
  • Import received tasks into InstaTodo app on another iDevice
  • Synchronization with ( to start, more to come…)

Task Complete Actions

Sometimes upon task completion some action should take place. For instance, if you have a "Call Mechanic" task to schedule an annual car maintenance, InstaTodo can initiate a call when you try to complete this task.

  • Option to execute desired Action upon task completion
  • Actions to contact people like “SMS Contact” or “Email Contact”
  • Actions to gather some data like “Make a Note” or “Take a Photo”


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